Let me also add that the Michigan Snowmobile Trail Improvement program continues to be administered under the state of Michigan’s Parks and Recreation Division. We feel more comfortable there, because we are working with people who deal with trails in our state. We are building strong relationships, and feel a strong spirit of cooperation.

However, remember our trails are located on property managed by the DNR Forest Management Division. We do still have to deal with two different government hierarchies and that can sometimes be time consuming.

All in all, the snowmobile program is running and working well. The Snowmobile Advisory Work (SAW) group is now working with more realistic projected numbers for budget planning. The parks and recreation division is fantastic to work with.

MSA continues to monitor and make sure your trail permit dollars are not wasted, but keep in mind (as with any governmental program) part of our budget goes to state administrative costs within the state government. We promise to monitor and keep a close watch on your trail permit dollars!

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What Is the Snowmobile Trail Improvement Program?

The Snowmobile Trail Improvement Fund provides funding to maintain snowmobile trails as part of the designated statewide trail system. Grant funds are available for three purposes.

  • 1. Seasonal grooming and general maintenance of snowmobile trails.
  • 2. Special maintenance projects that improve the condition and/or access to trails.
  • 3. Replacement of equipment used for maintaining trails