Straits Area Snowmobile Club Trail Report

  • Trail Condition: See Report Below
  • Last Groomed: January 19th, 2022
  • Reported On: January 20th, 2022 @ 11:29am

Groomer Report


The Straits snowmobile club does not maintain the ice bridge to Mackinac Island. We have no input on when a tree line is put out or monitoring the conditions. Work is done by locals from the island, and it’s not an official trail. Because of this, we won’t report on conditions if they do get an ice bridge this year. If one does happen, there will be postings elsewhere from locals.

Wednesday January 19th
Quick trail update since we have finally gotten a little bit more snow last night and today. We only ended up with a few inches but it was enough to freshen the trails and fill in some problem holes. We do still have some problem that are signed so please follow stop signs even if they seem to be in weird places on the railroad grade. The wind has been blowing and drifting since last night and in some places it has helped give us extra snow and some places has wiped the trail almost clean. This has helped on the trail south into St Ignace and it’s getting better with every little bit we can get. Snow gets better as you go north but our whole system is fair to good. Groomers are going out tonight to get the blowing snow packed down.
We also seen today that Les Cheneaux Snowmobile club was able to groom over to where we change over at the corner of M134 and Mackinac trail, check their page if you plan to head east.
Monday, January 10th update:
Not much has changed on our trail system since the last report but getting a lot of questions about the conditions of our trails. We have not received any significant new snow in the last week between St. Ignace and Trout Lake. The predicted storms for our area seem to keep either going south or north of us. That said most of our trails are in pretty decent shape snow wise and are mostly running flat and smooth.
Trail 2 from St. Ignace to 471 (Castle Rock Rd) is still very thin and we have been unable to groom it due to a lack of snow. See the prior report on this section, but we continue to recommend not riding this trail if you can avoid it. The rest of the grade all the way to Trout Lake is fair to good and gets better the further north you go. There are some thin spots but it is rideable and mostly flat and smooth
Trail 473 (Carp River Truck Trail) between Trail 2 (Caffey Trail) and 460 (Huckleberry Rd) is good with a couple of thin spots in the trees but also mostly flat and smooth.
The Carp River Truck south of the 2/473 intersection (Caffey Trail) all the way to Worth Rd is being plowed by loggers. It is rideable and snow covered but has no base and is thin.
Cut River Trail (473) from the grade to Eppoufette is okay with some thin spots in the woods closer to Cut River but decent base and certainly rideable.
Caffey Trail (2) from the Carp River Truck Trail to H-40 is mostly flat and smooth. The three water holes that were causing trouble a week or so ago have frozen up solid but until we get a good snowfall please slow down when you come to them and proceed cautiously as they are very icey. Each hole is signed with a stop ahead sign and stop sign so you’ll know where they are.
The Burma Rd (2) from the grade to 471 is being plowed by loggers. It is rideable and snow covered but thin and no base. From 471 to the Carp River Truck Trail it is good.
471 between the grade and the Burma Rd (this is the trail that follows Castle Rock Rd and goes south around Brevort Lake) is overall good with some thin spots here and there but mostly flat and smooth.
460 between the grade and the Carp River Truck Trail up near Trout Lake is in good shape and mostly flat and smooth.
Trail 47 from the grade to M-134 is overall good and mostly flat and smooth.
We are not responsible for Trail 473 between Trout Lake and Cut River so cannot comment on its condition. That is the trail that runs along the railroad tracks going west out of Trout Lake to H-40, then west to the 473/2 intersection at Rexton, then south through Rexton to Eppoufette.
Everyone be safe and do a little snow dance for our area!

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