Rosco-Higgins Snowmobile Club Trail Report

  • Trail Condition: Good To Excellent
  • Last Groomed: May 02nd, 2022
  • Base Snowfall: 0"
  • Reported On: May 03rd, 2022 @ 8:07am

Groomer Report

  1. Time to get busy and grade. The trails from the 6/7 split and all the way to the west have been done.

We will be grading 8 times this summer.

Get out and enjoy!

STAY RIGHT. STAY SAFE. Do not tear up the trails!


The 487-489 trail reroute to Roscommon is open. From trail 7 along Fletcher to 7 mile to Billman Road. (See map ) you can take this into and thru  Roscommon (BUT  it is side of road riding. Easy for ORV not so hot for sleds unless good snow)and pick up trail 69 to go east. Follow green diamonds.

We have 2 staging areas on our 46 miles of trail.  Those are 1) “Stratford Staging” which is located at Moorestown  Rd and Oil Well Rd.  2) South Higgins Staging Area which is located just west off US27 at the South Higgins Lake exit, which is specifically located at Co. Rd. 104 and Deadstream Rd.  Both areas have DNR Outhouse facilities.

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