Presque Isle Sno-Trails Trail Report

  • Trail Condition: Closed
  • Last Groomed: January 24th, 2024
  • Reported On: April 14th, 2024 @ 6:47pm

Groomer Report

2-16-2024 – Northeast Mi did get some snow past few few days, but depths differs from area to area. North of Rogers City got 2-3″, while Presque Isle area got 8-10″.

2-9=2024 – Because Mother Nature has her “knickers” in a twist and has not played fair with the weather in Northern Mi., our club had cancelled the trail stop for next weekend, Feb. 17th. Our trails for the most part are shot!!

1-31-2024 Trail conditions are deteriating. There may be more snow in the woods, where trail is in open areas, you may encounter dirt. Our club is having an open house/trail stop on Feb. 17th at our groomer barn on Main St. in Millersburg.  Enjoy a hot dog, hot drink, meet the groomers, club members and view the equipment!

1-25-2024 – Groomers were out on all trails yesterday, knocking down bumps. The snow is certainly going down with these warmer temps,  Hopefully the base will remain in case we get more snow!! Our new trail coming into Rogers City from the south has been opened, signed and groomed! only area not signed, is in the city of Rogers City.  The club is working with City council to find a route  they will approve. One suggested route was denied. Will post a route when there is more info



1-14-2024 Groomer went out las t night for first grooming on trail 99 – Millersburg to Black Mountain. Lots of tree limbs and low lying branches hanging down. Took 2 volunteers 10+ hours to finish run! Remember, snow fall amounts can vary from spot to spot!! Please help club volunteers by removing trees and brush from trail whenever possible.

1-12-2024 Yesterday a groomer went out and panned Black Mountain, trail 99/994. There is snow and also the snow has bent limbs down. Be aware of these obstacles on trails.  If you see trees down,  please remove it if it isn’t too big, our groomers can’t be everywhere. Again it is basically early season riding!! Rogers City area is predicted to get more snow tonight and tomorrow which should help with trail conditions!

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