Paradise Area Night Riders Trail Report

  • Trail Condition: See Report Below
  • Last Groomed: March 17th, 2022
  • Reported On: March 01st, 2024 @ 7:11pm

Groomer Report


6 pm and 44 degrees here at my place. I saw 48 today and the sun was out all day. We have been getting a lot of grief from a couple of the businesses and a few locals about “why haven`t you guys been out grooming” after that last little snow storm (a solid foot) Wednesday night. Its been bad enough now we feel like we have to  defend ourselves. I don`t like it, so I`ll try the best I can.

First of all, the trail boss (Mike C.) has been doing this for 29 yrs. I have been doing this for 22 yrs., a lot of the other guys have 10+ yrs. We know what we are doing!  This has been a sucky winter. In fact, I heard today on 9&10 news that it is the warmest winter on record for UP here.

We`ve had people say “why aren`t you out at least panning”, the other clubs are. Well, our trail system is entirely different. It consists mostly of low wet areas and regular trails. The other clubs are mainly forest roads and old RR grades and old logging roads. We can`t even get in the wet areas and the trails are just bumpy from summer use. We had zero base before this last little snow storm and the trails were down to mud. It would do no good to go out, plus beat the heck outa our machines to just go out and pan. To try and groom would just bring up dirt and the trail would be gone in a day. If we do nothing at least the trail would last a few days. We watch the weather forecast VERY close and we saw the temps into the 40`s for the next few days so we decided to keep the groomers parked. We are in contact with our DNR contact on a daily basis and he agrees with us.

We would really love to be out grooming everyday, believe me, its been boring as hell around here. I own the Saunders Sunrise Cabins and have had only 4 snowmobiliers here all winter, this is my living! Its hard to believe the couple businesses in town bashing us! We do this for you!!!!! We don`t see you at our meetings or helping out at the barn. All are welcome at our meetings….businesses and locals alike. Come on out and get involved so you understand better before you “keyboard warrior” us!

The long term forcast looks like crap. We are probably done for this season except for a miracle to happen. I`ll be the first to let ya know if it does.

Its been 2 crappy seasons in a row now. Lets pray for a pattern change.

Groomer Chris




10 degrees this morning and snowing…..alot. We picked up a foot plus last night!!! Figures, winter decides to start the last day of Feb. I see I haven`t been on here to give ya`ll a report since the 18th, thats cause we haven`t had winter and I had nothing to report. Our trails were all down to just mud and we had only a couple inches on the ground. My, how things change in a hurry. The weather is supposed to change again by the weekend and be back to above normal temps so I`m thinking come on UP this weekend. Ya`ll will have a blast in the fresh powder!!

Groomer Chris



26 degrees this morning and snowing. I picked up 6-8″ here at my place last night! We FINALLY got enough snow on the ground to start grooming again!!! We are gonna hit the Pine Stump trail #8 and the Point trails #452 & # 453 today then go south on trail #8 tomorrow plus poke our heads into the Falls trail #45. Remember we have only 2 machines so we`ll do what we can. We are pretty nervous about the forecasted temps for next week but we`ll see what happens.

Just thought I would jump on here really quick to give ya`ll an update. If you`re thinking about coming UP I say go for it! It might be your last chance.

LET `ER SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Groomer Chris



17 degrees this morning and snowing. I picked up a total of about 4″ yesterday and another inch and a half last night here at my place. I was hoping to wake up to more this morning but can`t complain…..right? “They” are still saying lake effect bands will set up all day today and we might get around 3-6 and keep snowing till Sunday.

Here`s something cool. Some of the locals were out riding yesterday and they reported the conditions back to us. Most of them were just ridin around the Point trails and they had a blast! They did say they were hittin a little dirt and roots so there isn`t quite enough snow to groom yet. They all said they were gonna head out on trail #8 towards Pine Stump today and will let us know if there is enough snow to groom out that way. If we get this predicted 3-6 today I`m sure we`ll get dem groomers out!

Ok, just trying to keep ya`ll informed. If your thinking about coming UP this weekend it can be done but just expect “early season” conditions.

LET `ER SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Groomer Chris



31 degrees this morning and SNOWING!!!! I picked up close to 3″ here at my place last night. I think my post from yesterday woke up Ole Man Winter and he decided to straighten up! The weather guessers are saying snow all day today and if the lake effect bands set up we could be in for 3-6+….YEA!!!!!!!!

Now, don`t think the trails will automatically pop up and get groomed, its gonna take a few days, but we`ll be all over it if this snow keeps up and we get at least a foot. Remember, a lot of our trails go thru wet areas. The Pine Stump trail #8 and the Point trails #452 & 453 are the drier ones and will be the first ones ready. The gates on the Falls trail #45 and the South trail #8 are closed due to no snow and the warm weather and they are muddy as heck. I`m thinking if you want to FINALLY get in some ridin you could but think “early season ridin” at best.

OK, just givin ya`ll a heads UP. It MAY…..and thats a big MAY… decent this weekend….as long as the snow keeps falling.

LET `ER SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Groomer Chris



Happy Valentine`s Day to all the snow bunnies out there! We sure do miss all of ya!

I haven`t been on here since the end of Jan. cause I have nothing to report on the trails. This “winter” still sucks!! We do have just a few inches on the ground from the last couple of days but not near enough to groom or ride, except maybe some of the back country trails. The temps have chilled out some so things are starting to freeze up again. Problem is…..I don`t see any big snows coming our way anytime soon and we would need at least a foot to get things rolling again.

All the businesses around here are really suffering, including mine, so here`s an idea. Why not come UP for the weekend or a few days in between and just enjoy the area and get away from the rat race down der? There`s lots to see and do and no crowds. All the businesses would appreciate it a ton! Just a thought.

OK, just thought I would jump on here to let ya`ll know we are still alive (barely) and we are ready to go if Ole Man Winter decides to sober up.

LET `ER SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Groomer Chris


Feb 1

Just a little update on Chris’s report, we had to close the gates on the Falls Trail 45 and are working on closing gates on Trail 8 South between M-123 and Lakeshore Drive. Hopefully, conditions will allow us to reopen them in the future but it looks like we will be starting all over again. We would much rather be grooming trails for everyone because it is what we enjoy doing.  Your patience and understanding are appreciated,

Thanks Mike C  

trails coordinator 


31 degrees this morning and cloudy. I haven`t seen a below freezing temp when I get up in the morning in a week! I haven`t been on here lately cause I don`t have anything positive to report and I`ve been accused of being too negative (I`m just reporting the ugly truth) but I have been gettin a few calls asking me whats UP….so here it is….

For a good week now we have had temps up into the 30`s and a couple days at 40. The temps at night have hung at or above freezing. Sadly, or trail system is pretty much dirt. I have seen some reports that some riders are finding a little snow off trail on the back roads and such but my job is to report on the groomed trails……and they are junk!!

Obviously our groomers are parked. It looks like this rotten weather pattern will last until the middle of February. Hopefully after that we will get hammered well into March and we can salvage the rest of the season. I WILL let ya`ll know as soon as this happens UP here, but for now I`ll just hope and pray for snow.

Don`t lose hope, it will come.   LET `ER SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Groomer Chris



29 degrees this morning and cloudy. Man, why can`t we just get a normal winter, it sure would make life easier for us groomers! We`re trying to make a decision whether to go out or not. There is snow on the trails but do we go out and try to smooth them up a bit and just dig up more dirt or sit and wait? Do we hit the trails with the wet areas and risk doing more damage than good? That is the questions. You`ve all seen the forecast for the next week or so and it doesn`t look too promising. We are trying to do the right thing, but what is that? Our trails are ridable right now but they are getting bumpy. We do have a foot/foot and a half on the ground but it is gettin less and less with these warmer temps. Groomer Patrick went out yesterday and hit the NW section of the Point trails #452 and #453. He told me he did do some good, but again, dug up some dirt. We are thinking about heading out on the Stump trail tomorrow or Friday and going in and looking at the Falls trail, but will we do more harm that good?

Thats our dilemma. Watching the weather and trying to figure out the best way to go about it. The wet areas really throw a monkey wrench into it.

C’mon man, lets turn to winter and get cold and……LET `ER SNOW!!!!!

There`s a lot of businesses depending on us including MINE!

Groomer Chris



29 degrees this morning with a stiff East wind. Man, folks, this weather ain`t doing us any favors. We even lost a little snow yesterday.

Groomer Patrick is gonna hit the far NW section of the Point trails today but thats about it. All other areas are just too thin with snow. We don`t dare go into the wet areas cause of the temps forecasted for the next few days and we`ll do more damage than good.

Soooo……we are forced into a holding pattern until the weather cooperates.

Just thought I would jump on here to let ya`ll know whats UP.

LET `ER SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Groomer Chris



17 degrees this morning under a partly cloudy sky. I got about an inch and a half of fluff on my deck from last night. Here`s how things went yesterday and whats gonna happen today……

Groomer Keith and new guy Christopher headed out on the Pine Stump trail #8. Keith called it all in all good shape but with a few thin spots.

I ran the South trail #8 past the river mouth and will say the same.

Today, groomer Mike C. is going into the swamp south of town and work on that. Me and groomer Patrick are going to sign up the town trail.

Thats all I know…….LET `ER SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Groomer Chris



13 degrees this morning and cloudy. I picked up about 2″ between yesterday and last night here at my place. Here`s what happened for the trails from yesterday…..

Groomer Mike C. and new guy Dave hit the Falls trail #45. Mike rated it as good in some spots and only fair in others. We are still battling a couple of water holes but they are passable. Just be careful. We are gonna let it set today so hopefully those holes will freeze up better.

Groomer Mike H. and rookie Josh (soon to be considered regular groomer) hit the Point trails #452 and #453. Mike rated them good with a couple of thin spots.

Groomer Keith is gonna hit the Pine Stump trail #8 today and I am gonna run the South trail #8 but skip the swamp south of town again. We`ll work more on that tomorrow.

Thats all I got for today.

LET `ER SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Groomer Chris



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