Paradise Area Night Riders Trail Report

  • Trail Condition: See Report Below
  • Last Groomed: March 17th, 2022
  • Reported On: March 15th, 2023 @ 9:51am

Groomer Report

March 15, 2023

23 degrees this morning and partly cloudy. We haven`t had any new snow in a couple weeks now but its been pretty cold day and night so the trails have been holding up pretty well. We haven`t groomed anything since last Saturday but all the people I`ve talked to are saying the trails are great! They are hard and icey but totally flat. I`m sure all you weather geeks have seen we are in for a “big” snow storm coming in Thursday night till Saturday morning. “They” are saying 6-13″ from what I’ve seen. I`ll believe it when I see it tho.

Soooo…..if you`re thinking about coming UP for one last ride this weekend, I say go for it!!! I think you`ll have a blast and if we get just a few inches of snow you won`t have any cooling issues. It looks like next week we are gonna warm up into the upper 30`s to low 40`s, but what do I know, I ain`t no weatherman.

Just thought I would jump on here to give ya`ll a heads up. You just might be able to squeak in one more weekend in this crappy, and super short, winter season this year.

Groomer Chris

March 10, 2023

25 degrees this morning and cloudy with a stiff NE breeze. Watching the weather guy this morning it looks like way down below they got about a foot of snow, boy, I wish that would have been UP this way!!! Thanks everybody for the words of encouragement yesterday. I really was thinking about quittin doing the reports cause I just don`t need this chit in my life right now but now I think I`ll just keep keepin on. I don`t deserve all the credit for my reports, not even much of it really. All the credit should go to the groomer guys who do such a good job at keeping ME informed on what they are seeing, I just report it all back to you. Soooo……that being said…..thank you and here`s what they told me from yesterdays runs….

Groomer Mike C. said the Pine Stump trail #8 is still in good shape. The snow is gettin thinner everyday and more an more dirt and gravel is starting to show up and the plowed dirt roads we use are all mud but all in all he would call the trail good.

Groomer Kevin ran the Falls trail #45 and said it is still in really good shape. A few of the wet areas are starting to get soft and break up along the edges and there is some dirt showing up here an there.

Groomer Mike H. hit the Point trails #452 & #453 and called them really good yet with the same problem of some dirt showing up here an there.

We are done with the South trail #8 and the gates are closed on the swamp south of town.

We`ll keep grooming till the end but I see the end in the very near future. We will probably just run a short schedule now and only groom when needed.

Keep the track side down!!!

Groomer Chris

March 9, 2023

31 degrees this early afternoon. Sorry I didn`t get out a report earlier but I had some important business to take care of this morning. I gotta say this…..boy… people turn on you hard and fast when you don`t word something quite right. I didn`t say our trails were crap, in fact, I said they were in decent shape in my last report, but I guess some people took it wrong. All I really said was the next few sunny days weren`t gonna help the trails at all. Lighten up people!! Here`s my latest report and I`ll try and be more careful with my words…..

Groomer Scott hit the Falls trail #45 last night and said it is still in good shape. There is some dirt showing in a couple spots and the wet areas are starting to break up but not bad.

The Stump trail and the Point trails are being run right now but I know they are still in good shape. There is more dirt and gravel starting to show up the last couple of days and the dirt back roads we use are pretty muddy but the trail is still very ridable.

As far as the South trail #8 goes. The swamp is bare dirt and ice now for the most part. We don`t dare run a 5 ton groomer thru there anymore. There are some 6 ft.+ deep holes in there and we ain`t sinkin no groomer! It is gettin dangerous for sleds now so we are gonna close the gates today. We have to run the groomer about 10 miles down the road to hit the next good snow which is not worth it just to groom another 10 so we are done with that section. It is ridable (except the swamp).

So there ya have it. Our trail system is still in fair-good shape but expect some dirt and gravel here an there like late season ridin.

Lighten up folks

Groomer Chris

March 7, 2023

30 degrees this morning under a bright blue sky. The forecast for the next few days says sunny and around 40….not good folks. The trails are going fast, here`s what I got for ya….

I ran the South trail #8 yesterday and will call it good in some spots and poor in others. Seems the further south I got the better snow conditions got. From town to about 3 miles south of the river mouth was ugly but from then on not too bad. I did skip the swamp, I`m thinking we will close the gates to it in the next couple days. I`m also thinking we are done grooming south unless we get a bunch of snow.

Groomer Scott ran the Falls trail #45 last night and told me it still is in decent shape but the wet areas are starting to break up. The next few sunny days are not gonna help that.

The Pine Stump trail #8 is holding up OK but Siberia has a lot of gravel in it now and the dirt roads are down to mud. It will be groomed today.

The Point trails #452 & #453 are probably in the best shape. The far north loop won`t take much sun to cook the snow off of that tho. They will also be groomed today.

Soooooo…..there ya have it. Sorry for the not so good news but ya can`t do much with Mother Nature not cooperating. I`ll get back on here in a couple days to let ya`ll know how the trails look once the sun and 40 degree temps do their damage.

Groomer Chris

March 5, 2023

36 degrees this morning at 0930 and partly cloudy. I see we might get an inch or two of snow tomorrow and then get sunny for the rest of the week…..not good. We endured sunny skies and 40 degree temps this weekend and the trails held up pretty good but they can`t take much more. Here`s a run down from what the guys told me from yesterdays runs……

Groomer Keith ran the Pine Stump trail #8 and called it good.

Groomer Glenn hit the Point trails #452 & #453 and called them good.

Groomer Scott ran the Falls trail #45 and called that good also.

I ran the South trail #8 and will call that good too except for the swamp south of town. There is hardly no snow left in there but it is still froze in solid. There is also a lot of standing water on top of the trail…..just kinda ugly.

We plan on runnin everything again today just to clean up from the weekend and then see what the weather brings. Sad to say, but it doesn`t look good what with the forecast being sunny all week. If you didn`t come UP for this weekend you might have missed out on your best chance….but I hope I`m wrong.

Keep an eye on the weather and keep checking back, I`ll keep you informed.

Groomer Chris

March 3, 2023

23 degrees this morning and partly cloudy. No new snow in the last couple days but the temps have been behaving. The sun did come out most of the day yesterday but it didn`t seem to hurt us much thanks to the temps in the teens at night. I see this big storm is gonna hit ya`ll way down below…..have fun with that….wish it would have come UP here!!

As far as the trails go, they are in FANTASTIC shape. A couple of the operators have even said what I said a couple days ago….the best they`ve seen all season!!! Every trail has been run everyday and we`ll continue to do so as long as the snow holds out. Thats about all I really need to report.

COME ON UP. This weekend is gonna be great for ridin. Don`t miss the chance….it might be the last the way this season has been.

LET `ER SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Groomer Chris


March 1, 2023

26 degrees this morning and cloudy. Kinda glad to say goodby to February, it wasn`t very kind to us sno-mo people. I want to correct something from yesterdays report. I said we got about 6″ of snow but it was closer to 8″ if not a touch more! The weather guessers are calling for another couple inches tonight and “they” are watching a big storm coming for Friday….hmmmm. The sun did come out yesterday and that gave the road commission a good chance to scrape down all the side roads…..I HATE the road commission!!!! Now, on to the trails….

I ran the South trail #8 yesterday and its in the best shape I think I`ve seen it all season, even the swamp south of town was good.

Groomer Mike H. ran the Falls trail #45 and gave me his own rating I still can`t print but lets say smooth as glass.

Groomer Keith hit the Pine Stump trail #8 also but I haven`t heard from him. I do know it is in great shape too though.

If this storm comes the trails will be epic for the weekend, if it doesn`t hit us they will still be pretty darn good but the side roads will be tough.

COME ON UP!!!!! You never know if this will be your last chance.

LET `ER SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Groomer Chris


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