Lewiston Area Groomers Inc. Trail Report

  • Trail Condition: Closed
  • Last Groomed: February 20th, 2021
  • Reported On: December 20th, 2023 @ 9:09am

Groomer Report

The trails are done for now, the snow has left us……… so we are taking this time to work on the internal workings of the club!
This group is responsible for maintaining 121.5 miles of snowmobile trails in and around Lewiston, MI. We brush and sign in the fall and manage trails in the winter. This is all volunteer work, and anyone is welcome to join us. Either working on the trails or grooming them. Wishing for a snow covered winter.
We are OFFICIALLY becoming a real live club!
That’s right! We are offering memberships, with BENEFITS, to anyone or any business who wants to join ~ (okay, so maybe not to weird or inappropriate entities, but still…)
You may ask: So, Groomers, what do I get for my hard earned membership bucks?
We are offering an exclusive email copy of our BRAND NEW NEWSLETTER, only available to members…Yes, it’s gonna be good (we think/hope that is 🤣)
We are offering DISCOUNTS on our upcoming, when COVID lets us have them again, events & outings.
We are offering DISCOUNTS on our (soon to be a reality) APPAREL and MERCH line …. and probably some other stuff we just haven’t thought of yet.
PLUS, as an ADDED BONUS….if you are a business, we are going to give you free advertising space in our official newsletter, promotional placement and (we hope we can make this one work…) signage on our drags as we roll through town (logistics are still being sorted out on this to be honest!) … As of right now, we are only offering PayPal and by mail payments, but if you’ve got a suggestion for us for more options, please contact (me) via messenger…
Here is the Membership form in PDF… Groomer Member Form lewiston
Well finally some good news we have snow and they say more coming for the next few days and some very cold weather.  Groomers are out so be on the look out.  Ride Safe and follow the rules.

Trail Groomer/Trail Grading Do Not Pass Rule:  

If you see me coming down the trail PLEASE stop and pull over, till I pass by. If you are coming up behind me slow down till I’m able to move over to let you by. Remember that I am a lot bigger than you are, and can not move as quickly. Safety for us all.

Please ride SAFE, RESPECT YOUR FELLOW RIDERS, AND OTHER PEOPLE’S PROPERTY, NO TRASH ON THE TRAILS. “PLEASE WATCH YOUR SPEED”. The life you save may be your own. Enjoy!!!!! We will continue to do our job it’s up to you to do your part. Let’s work hand and hand to have the BEST and SAFEST Trails possible.


 Join our Facebook Group/Page  Lewiston Area Groomers Inc. this also keeps you up to date on conditions!

EMAIL US     lewistonareagroomersinc@yahoo.com  THIS WILL BE CHECKED DAILY!  AM & PM

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