Grand Traverse Area Snowmobile Club Trail Report

  • Trail Condition: Poor
  • Last Groomed: March 04th, 2024
  • Reported On: March 04th, 2024 @ 3:32pm

Groomer Report

3/04/2024 GTASC Trail report: All grooming activity has been on hold since February 1st. Trails are essentially closed due to lack of snow and there is no snow forecasted in the near future. We took one tractor, pulled off the tire chains, unhooked the drag and installed the brushing unit. We have plenty of work to due even if the snow is non existent.

2/16/2024 GTASC Trail report: We received around 4″ of heavy wet snow yesterday and supposed to get another 1″ of snow today. If we get another solid 3″ inches of snow we will send out the groomers but until then they will stay in the barn.

2/08/2024 GTASC Trail report: I headed out and drove the trails today. Ice, mud, and sand is all we have left. Even the secondary trails are super thin.

2/07/2024 GTASC Trail report: All grooming activity has been suspended. We will be going out tomorrow to assess the trails. It is supposed to rain and then get cold this weekend. I will report back again soon.

1/31/2024 GTASC Trail report: All grooming activity has been suspended. The 10″ of snow we had earlier the week has dropped down to 6″- 4″ of snow. Trails have been driven over with wheeled vehicles so we have muddy ruts in places. The weather outlook is poor and the trails are poor.

1/26/2024 GTASC Trail report: I rode the trail system thursday night. There was plenty of snow on the trails and dirt on the edges and in some of the corners. It was a good ride. Most of the trails are flat except for the powerline’s which we cannot groom yet. That was before it started raining last night after 10pm. A few SXS’s or jeeps started hitting the snowmobile trails and were tearing it up as well.

There is rideable snow out there but we have suspended all grooming activity until Feb 2nd or if a freak cold front and snow storm shows up before then.

Stay right through every corner, don’t ride beyond your capabilities’, and you are not the only one out there riding.

1/17/2024 GTASC Trail report: Plenty of snow on the trails now. After the weekend snowfall we have groomed all the trails sections but one small 4 mile stretch. The west powerline section of trail #5 has not been groomed. The sand had not yet set up and was to difficult to get the tractor up the hills without digging trenches in the trail. Hopefully with this cold weather this week it will be set up enough to get the groomer through this weekend. I am calling the trails good and as soon as we get another 6″ of snow I will call them good to excellent.  

1/10/2024 GTASC Trail report: We received around 4″-5″ of snow on the trail system. I always assume we got more on the east side (Kalkaska) but it seemed a little thinner over there. We started panning the trail this morning (Wednesday) to help develop a good base. Supposed to get more snow starting Thursday (tomorrow) and going thru the weekend. So we might get another 6″-8″ of snow over the next few days. Unless the lake effect kicks in with the high winds on Saturday….:)We need snow to fall in 6″ per day to get the trails really started.

1/6/2024 GTASC – Trail Report: Trails are just covered with about 2″ of snow. Trail conditions are poor and we have not groomed yet. We went out today and finished the last of the signing. The DNR gave us a list of issues that needed to be addressed. We are just waiting for the snow to arrive. Power units (tractors) are connected to the drags and we are prepared for mother nature to bring it. When it gets here, please be careful and have fun. Steve Haver.
12/25/2023 GTASC – Trail Report: Merry Christmas everyone! and that’s where the cheer ends…The trails are all snow free. No grooming is happening until we get some significant snowfall. The club is still actively working on the trails and checking signs each week. There is a tree down on the west side of the trail south of Fife Lake. Its been there all summer and fall but we have not had the time to take care of it. We will be heading out in Thursday morning to remove it. That’s all for now. Steve H.
Grand Traverse Area Snowmobile Club has been around since the spring of 1982, making sure that the area trails have been signed and groomed to perfection. We were one of the 1st clubs to use wheeled tractors to maintain snowmobile trails. Snowmobile Club in Grand Traverse County is responsible for the marked groomed trails in the area.  Join the club!

Ride safe and ride sober!! Remember to watch for groomers. You never know when one will be coming around a corner or over a hill.  Also, remember that the signs on the snowmobile trails are there for the safety of snowmobilers, so please don’t remove them.

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