Gogebic Area Grooming, Inc. Trail Report

  • Trail Condition: Good
  • Last Groomed: March 17th, 2023
  • Reported On: April 06th, 2023 @ 10:09am

Groomer Report

April 3, 2023

It’s been an amazing season, but trails in the Lake Gogebic Area are officially done for the 22/2023 season!   We want to thank all who came to visit and enjoy and all those who work hard to make sure we have one of the very best trail systems in the country!    April is our mud season when the snow melts and makes way for Springtime when our waterfalls start to rage!    Walleye season opens back up May 15th and brings about some good fishing as we prepare for our summer season!    If you and your family have never been to the Upper Peninsula during the summertime, then you should consider making a trip to see a whole different perspective on the Western UP!   Groomers will be working throughout the year and are already recruiting for the 23/2024 season.   If you’re interested – please check out their facebook page or www.gogebicareagrooming.com    Thank you again for a great season and we will look forward to seeing you again next year!   Stay well friends!

March 17, 2023

Trails in the Lake Gogebic Area are reported to be in good to excellent condition.   We received some rain in the afternoon which only lasted a couple hour and it turned to snow around 6 p.m. and it’s been snowing since then.   We are forecasted for another 2’ of snow.   Groomers did not go out last night but they are heading out today.   Should be a great weekend.

On March 25th, AJ’s Lodge & Oven will be hosting a groomer benefit – “Belly UP To The Bar” where groomers will step out of their machines and take a shift behind the bar and all the tips they receive will go directly to them.   There will also be a way to donate directly to the club online if you can’t make it up!  Details to follow – follow Gogebic Area Grooming on Facebook!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


March 7, 2023

The Lake Gogebic Area received 4-5” of wet snow yesterday which made for great trail packing snow.   Trails in our area are in good to very good condition, however, we are starting to see the effects of the sun and melting snow in open and wet areas.

Trails 102, 1n, 13n, 8w, 8e and 13s were all groomed today.  Crews were out last night and this morning making the trails around Marenisco smooth again.   We had freezing temps last night which was great for our trails.   We will have to see how the temps over the next couple of days impact our trails.

If you’re thinking about coming up to ride – don’t think too long!    Come on up while everything is still good!!!

March 2, 2023

March came in like a lion as we welcomed about 5” of new snow yesterday, bringing out total for the 22-23 season to just under 200”!! Temperature is currently at 20 degrees with a forecasted high of 32 degrees today. We’ve got a bit of a warmup headed our way – and if we can get the temperature to cooperate – we will have an awesome month of riding. Groomers have indicated that they will continue to groom our trails until March 31st –so don’t put those sleds away just yet! Still good riding to be had.
Conditions in the Lake Gogebic Area are in good to excellent condition. A new groomer started this week who is dedicated to grooming our busiest trails – 8 West and 8 East on a daily basis!
The entire trail system was covered as of Tuesday night, and here’s an updated grooming report
• Trail 8 East and 8 West: groomed last night and will be groomed on a daily basis!! Groomers will be out during the day, so please use caution!
• Trail 102 – Groomed Tuesday night – groomers will be out during the day – use caution!
• Trail 13 North – groomed last night – good to excellent condition
• 13 South – groomed TODAY reported in VERY good condition!
• Trail 100: groomed TODAY reported in VERY good condition
• Trail 1s – groomed last night – reported in VERY good condition!
• Trail 1 North – groomed Tuesday night – will be groomed tonight!
Thanks very much for visiting our Lake Gogebic Area – please be sure to support the clubs where you ride!!!

February 22, 2023

The Lake Gogebic Area has received  6-8” of new snow over the past 2-3 days and it has really helped out tremendously on our trails.  The new snow mixed with what we had and it set up nicely with cold temperatures overnight.    Trails in the Lake Gogebic Area reported to be in good to very good condition and groomer Dave has reported that the South end of the Lake and Marenisco are in excellent condition!  We are forecasted to receive about 8” over the next 36 hours and if that happens groomers will be out in force to get all the trails set but we should be in excellent condition!   The only challenge area in the pipeline area above Timberline Sports which receives the most traffic.   New snow will certainly help that corridor out!

Here’s the skinny from our groomers:

  • Trail 102: was groomed this morning!
  • Trail 8 west – will have a groomer going down tonight and they will check to see what utility company has got accomplished and will report tomorrow on status that that trail opening.
  • Trail 8 East: will be groomed tonight.
  • 13 North: will be groomed tonight.
  • 1 south – grooming today and will also be grooming the ditch line.

So far this season we have received over 170” of snow – and winter is far from over!   Come on us and ride – we’ve got the best conditions around!  Thanks to all of you who visit and support our area and our businesses, and thanks to all who work hard to make the Lake Gogebic Area one of the very best snowmobile destinations in the country!




February 13, 2023

While the forecast for the next two days is not what anyone wants to see in February – it is certainly not a reason to freak out and start cancelling your reservations!   We have a great base and there is still a lot of snow out on the trails so this warmup should not hurt us too bad.    Snow and cold temps are in the forecast starting on Thursday.   Just keep doing the Heikki Lunta (finnish snow dance!)

Groomers will not be going out today and tomorrow and Mother Nature will determine what happens on Wednesday.   Today and tomorrow will be maintenance days for our Groomers and they should have all equipment up and running by Wednesday.  If groomers are out on the trails – it will mostly be to knock down some bumps.

Groomers were last out on Saturday and hit 102, Trail 1N, 13N and 8 east.

Trail 13 South/Trail 100:   reroute has been closed and trail has been reverted to original trail.   Trail 13 now connects to trail 100 & Stagecoach Road.  Please watch and follow signs in order to avoid logging areas.

Mother Nature will determine what happens this week – think snow and we’ll keep you posted!

February 2, 2023

Gogebic Area Trails are all reporting to be in good to excellent condition.   Today is going to be very cold, so be sure to dress for it and plan out your route and gas stops.  About 1-2” of new snow overnight and woke up to snow this morning.   All trails in the Lake Gogebic Area are being groomed daily.   Trails are holding tight with slight studder bumps in corner, hills and stop and start sections.   Snow cover is good – but wouldn’t mind another foot right about now!     Enjoy the weekend – it’s going to be a great time to get out and ride!

January 31, 2023

It’s a bit of a chilly one out there today but the trails are in excellent shape and are like fast, flat paved highways.   All trails have been groomed and a couple have even been double groomed to keep up with the traffic.  Cold temps are really helping the trails set up nicely!   Get out and ride – conditions are excellent!!

January 23, 2023

The Lake Gogebic Area has been an area of extremely high traffic and groomers have been doing all they can to keep up with the volume of visitors!   Thanks go out to the cold temperatures for coming in strong and helping to close up any remaining spots.  Cold temperatures are to remain constant this week with mid 20’s during the week and down into the teens in the evenings.   Snow is forecasted for several days this week and we will see what happens!

  • Trail 8 East:  groomed Sunday night and is reported to be good, flat and fast!
  • Trail 8 West: Groomed Saturday and in good condition and water holes have sealed up!
  • Trail 13North: Also groomed Sunday night – it’s like a snow paved highway and reported in good condition.
  • Trail 1 North: was groomed Saturday night – good condition.
  • Trail 1 South: good condition
  • Trail 102: groomed  Saturday night.  In good condition.
  • Trail 100 and South end of Lake Gogebic – all trails have been groomed and reported in good condition.

Groomers will be out every night of the week – and let’s just keep our fingers crossed for snow!


January 16, 2023

We have been experiencing lots of traffic in the Lake Gogebic Area as we are one of the only places with good snow and riding conditions!   Despite the traffic, groomers have been consistently able to get out and keep everything groomed daily and nightly.   Today we have a wintry mix of rain & snow coming down with temps in the low 30’s forecasted for both today and tomorrow.   Groomers will be pulled off tonight and tomorrow night and are recommending and requesting that riders stay off the trails for the next two days in order to help preserve our trail base.  After Tuesday, things look up as temps are forecasted to drop into the low 20’ where they look to remain for the next several days.  Snow is forecasted for Wednesday night; 4+ inches for Thursday;  and then daily snow starting on Sunday and throughout the following week.   This mild warmup with the wintry mix will really help out the base once the temps drop Tuesday night and with the snow that is forecasted mid-end of the week, our trails should be in excellent shape.    However, with the warmer temps in the early part of the week, it could bring about some hazard and extreme caution should be used at all times!

All trails in the Lake Gogebic Area are reported to be in ok condition;

  • 8 West: there are a couple of open water spots and may open even further with the warmer temps. Culverts were put in but may not be helpful with the weather conditions.  Use Extremem caution.
  • 8 East: good condition.
  • 102 – very good condition as groomers were able to get out early this morning and get it packed down before the rain.
  • 1 North: good condition – some thin spots on the North Portion
  • 1 South reroute: trail is holding up well and getting better with each pass; watch for open water spots.
  • 13 North: ok to good condition
  • Trail 100 and 13 South:– keep an out for pottential water and potential water holes opening up

Stay off the trails for the next couple of days – and as always please use common sense and caution.   Always ride to the right, and anticipate that there could be a hazard around the next corner and just be safe.


January 9, 2023

A busy weekend in the Lake Gogebic Area, but we are off to a quiet start to the week, but there is snow in the forecast mid week on Wed, Thurs and Fri.   Temperatures are forecasted in the 20’s and low 30’s.     Groomers in the Lake Gogebic Area have been out grooming all trails and reporting trails to be in good to excellent condition.   Nothing major to report with the exception of 8W toward Wakefield there is an open water hole.   Groomers have put in a culvert but extreme caution is recommended.      Groomers will be out grooming on a daily basis.   For up to date grooming information – download the GroomerTracker App and be sure to join a club where you ride!


January 2, 2023

Happy New Year everyone! Was super busy in the Lake Gogebic Area and our trails took a beating.   Spectrum just notified us about a storm warning for Tuesday and we are forecasted for 6+” on Tuesday with another 1-3 on Wednesday.  Temps are dropping so that’s all good news for our trails.

Groomers are rating trails in the Lake Gogebic Area to be in okay condition. Trails 102 and 1 North were hit last night and holding up. 13 North and 13 South will be done tonight. Groomers are still waiting to get into a regular pattern but mother nature is in control and you know how she gets! Just know that Groomers are doing everything possible to keep ahead of the riders and traffic and to make sure that everyone has a great experience on our trail system!

Please be sure to join a club where you ride!!!


December 29, 2022

Good morning.   Groomers have reported that they have all trails and access trails set.  Grooming has been resumed however with the abundance of traffic and temperatures the trails are not getting a chance to set up.   Groomers will continue to try to keep the bumps knocked down so that they don’t freeze and become a constant headache all season.    Groomers are doing everything that they possibly can to keep up and have a constant rotation of operators going out.   Our area is being bombarded with traffic.   We thank everyone for visiting our area and understand that we everyone is doing the very best they can!    They don’t call this hell week for nothin’!


December 26, 2022

Good morning from Gogebic Area Grooming.   We received 20+ inches and in some areas reported to be 30+ inches of snow.  Groomer Greg went up 102 yesterday and the snow is very deep and has classified this most recent snowstorm as 2022 Snowmageddon!

Trails will continue to be opened up but at this time no drags will be pulled and grooming will not commence for a couple of days until everything is back under control.

Please bear with us as we are doing everything possible as quickly as possible.    There is some great riding to be had in the next few days and we will be working hard to ensure we get our trails ready for you to enjoy!


December 19, 2012

Lake Gogebic Area Groomer Update:

Daily snow and cold temps are helping out our trail system as Groomers continue work on our trail system.  Snow is in the forecast and we’ll just wait to see what we get!

  • Trail 8 West to Wakefield was set 2 nights ago.   There are still some water holes but there are ways to get around them.   Extreme Caution.
  • Trail 8 East:   Rod is going out tonight to groom.   In good condition – some thin spots toward Ewen.
  • Trail 1 South:   Was hit with a drag as far South as West Shore Resort.     Still some wet spots which might be setting up with the cold temps.    Extreme Caution
  • Trail 1 North was groomed 2 days ago.
  • Trail 13 south on east side of Gogebic has been groomed and should be getting in better shape
  • Trail 13 North has not been hit in 2 days.  Reported in very good condition.
  • Trail 102 – has not been groomed – will be groom as soon as possible.
  • Trail 100 – reported in good condition as is the South end of Lake Gogebic.

For daily updates, be sure to download the Groomertracker app and as always – support the clubs where you ride!



December 15th, 2022

So far we’ve received about 4” of new snow in the last day.  This storm is doing a counterclockwise rotation and we anticipate more snow on the way for the next several days.

  • Rod will be going out tonight and will hit Trail 1 North and 13 North.
  • Trail 1 South has been cleared and signed – just waiting on more snow!
  • Trail 13 South is open – also waiting on snow!
  • Trail 8 West has not been touched and will wait till more snow is received.
  • Access trail to AJ’s at 1N & 8 has been opened up.


December 12, 2022


Lake Gogebic area trails took a real beating this past weekend as there was a lot of traffic out on the trails.  Groomers did not go out last night due to temperatures and will head out only if temps drop below freezing.  Current forecast calls for a snow this week and a winter weather advisory starting Wednesday and that is great news as we can really use some snow!    Lake travel is not recommended even though there have been some sightings of sleds on Lake Gogebic.

  • Trail 1 South on the West side of Lake Gogebic:  will be out brushing and signing and will probably not get completed today, but it will be completed this week.
  • Trail 1 North: in good condition and has not been groomed in 2 days.
  • Trail 13 South East being opened up and groomed today as it have been closed due to muzzleloading season which is now over.  Reported to be in fair condition with a couple of water spots.
  • Trail 13 North is the gem of our trail system – in great shape.
  • Trail 102 has been completely cleared; but it is in rough shape.  Very thin, dirt and wet spots in many area.  Use extreme caution.
  • Trail 8 West:  open water and wet spot.
  • Trail 8 East:  has been groomed.   Getting thin in some areas.



December 6, 2022

Groomers have been out getting work done on the trails and have accomplished a great deal.   Cold temps have helped to freeze the ground and 1-3 is forecasted for tomorrow and for several days next week so we are looking good.    Groomers are looking to hook up the drag and looking to do first groomer run tonight – probably on 8 E.

  • 13 South – has been signed and brushed.
  • 13N: all gates are open and the trail has been reported to be in great shape.
  • Groomers are still working on the Trail 1 South re-route.
  • 8 west needs some additional cold in order to freeze, needs to firm up, and needs more snow in order to pack it in and let it freeze.
  • Trail 102 has been opened – it is passable – but very early conditions.
  • 1 North has been packed.

We know that everyone is anxious to get out and ride and please just remember that we have early season conditions but all the right things are being done to get the trails in great shape!   Much thanks to our groomers for all their perseverance and hard work!


December 1, 2022

It’s December 1st – the official opening of snowmobile trails in the Lake Gogebic area.   Over the last 2 days the Lake Gogebic area has received about 20” of snow, but we need some cold temperatures in order to set a good base.   We are extremely fortunate as Groomers are able to get out on the trails this early in the season – many times Groomers can’t even get out on the trails till mid December.

That said – there is still a lot of work that needs to be done and we are asking that everyone please be patient and let groomers get in and get these trails in good shape before we start to experiencing traffic on them.

Here’s the current conditions:

  • 8E has been completely signed and today it was a matter of clearing all the hangovers left from the last 2 days of heavy snowfall.
  • Groomers went in 13 South at the Root Cellar and then headed south until it got dark and then headed back.
  • 13N – not all gates are open, but you can still get through.   Hope to get them open in the next day or so.
  • Trail 1 South on the West side of Lake Gogebic needs to be re-routed; groomers will get in there on Saturday and more than likely the 1 South will revert to the previous trail that we had a few years back.
  • 8 west needs to freeze, needs to firm up, and needs more snow in order to pack it in and let it freeze.
  • Trail 102 is currently closed; as there is a beaver dam that has flooded out a bridge about 13 miles north of Bergland.
  • 1 North is getting packed tonight.

We know that everyone is anxious to get out and ride and we just ask that you let our Groomers get the trails in good shape which will make for much better trails throughout the season and help to extend the length of the season.    We will update you again at the beginning of next week.   Thanks very much and we do look forward to seeing everyone very soon!


November 20, 2022

Gogebic Area has received over a foot of snow over the weekend.  Groomers are busy out brushing and signing today to gear up for the trails to open December 1st.      We will keep you posted as we get closer to December 1!     Thanks to all who work on maintaining our trail system and to all the guests and visitors who come to enjoy our winter playground!    See you soon!

March 23, 2022

Grooming in the Lake Gogebic Area has been suspended for the season.     Gogebic Area Grooming and all the local area businesses would like to say thank you for a tremendous season!      We will look forward to seeing everyone again next year!

March 7, 2022

The ice storm over the weekend has taken a toll on trails in the Lake Gogebic Area.    After the ice storm on Saturday, 6+” of wet heavy snow on Sunday brought down a lot of branches and debris on the trails.   Groomers are out – and trails are in nice shape but some trails are not even currently groomable due to brush.   The South end of Lake Gogebic area is being groomed right now and reported to be in good condition with the exception of a few wet spots – just have to watch for overhanging brush.

There will be a BRUSHING PARTY on Tuesday (3/8/22) at 10 a.m.  Eastern.   Meet at Tuski Rd. in Bergland (3rd drive on the left).   Bring a snowmobile and a chainsaw.   Pizza and beverages afterword.   Aj’s Walleye Lodge is providing complimentary lodging for anyone coming up to help out that might need a room.      We’ve got a great base and snow in the forecast – just need to work through the next several days to get everything back in order.

February 28, 2022

All trails in the Lake Gogebic Area are reported to be in good to excellent condition.    Groomers are out hitting them all daily.    Temps to warm up a bit to the 20’s.   Snow in the forecast for Tuesday and looks like some accumulating snow this upcoming weekend.    March is the time to ride and it looks like Mother Nature is cooperating with us!  Fingers crossed!

February 22, 2022

Snow and blowing snow today with poor visibility on Lake Gogebic.   1-2 foot of snow is forecasted for Monday & Tuesday.   Lake Gogebic Area Trails are reported to be in good to excellent condition.   Groomers continue to be out daily.     Plan ahead, take a map with you and stay with your group.   Nothin’ worse than getting turned around on Lake Gogebic during a snowstorm.   The good news is that this is just what we need to ensure some good late season riding!   Hafe sun and stay safe!

Jan 25, 2022

Trails in the Lake Gogebic Area area all in good to excellent condition.  Temps today are going to be frigid and then warming up to the high teens/20’s later this week.    Continuous snow is keeping trails fresh.   All Gogebic Area Groomers are running – and are doing a great job!    Snow is in the forecast later this week to make for an awesome weekend!   Dress warm – plan your stops – ride safe!!!

January 11, 2022

Gogebic Area Trails are all in fair to good condition with the exception of 8E which is very thin – especially after Ewen.   Have a groomer down and groomers are working round the clock to keep up.    Thanks very much from the sister clubs who are helping out right now!    Cold temps and daily snow are in our forecast this week!

January 5, 2022

You want snow – we’ve got snow.   Over 8″ of new today and nothing but snow in the forecast.  Groomers have been out – cleared the way through 8W and have stated that are trails are looking beautiful!   With more snow falling throughout the day and cold temps in the forecast, trails will be in very good if not excellent riding condition.
Enjoy our trails, be safe, and be sure to join a club where you ride!

December 17, 2021

Gogebic Area Grooming is reporting poor condition and is suspending Grooming Operations until Mother Nature gets on board.   We lost a lot of snow overnight but temps today are in high teens and have had flurries all day.    Got a few days of snow in the forecast, but we need a good blast to pull it all back together.   Will post an update early next week.     Be positive – think snow.    Do the Heikki Lunta!!

December 11, 2021

Trails are GREAT in some areas. Still early season Folks. Watch out for Rocks, sticks, and wet spots.
Trail 13 S of Hwy 28 Run East Shore Rd past the Root Cellar. (Due to Logging)
13 N is GREAT
8 W is being broke as I post.
1 S is GREAT part way to Gogebic Lodge
1 N is Spotty. Still working on freezing it in..
102 is GREAT

December 7, 2021

About 15″ of snow over the past couple of days with sub zero temps.   Groomers have been out round the clock moving snow, filling in wet spots and getting the trails in shape.   Very early riding conditions and the more people that we can keep off the trails right now, the better off we will be in the long run.  Lake is not rideable as yet.  We are off to a great start – keep dancing and sending snow thoughts!

February 22, 2021

Lots of traffic over the past weekend and looks like we’ve got a bit of a warm up early part of this week, with temps dropping later in the week and snow forecasted for a couple days this week.     All trails in the Lake Gogebic Area are still reported to be in good to excellent condition.   All trails were groomed Sunday night with the exception of 1N due to a drag failure.  Groomers will be heading out when temps permit.   Mother Nature rules.


January 18, 2021

Gogebic Area Groomers have been out and all trails have been hit and reporting that trails are in decent shape and actually quite better than anticipated. There are still some areas where rocks are showing up, but groomers are attempting to cover with available snow. Daily snow and cold temps are in the forecast this week. It’s snowing right now and has been all morning. Hoping that the LES machine turns on this week. Be safe and use caution as trails can be great one second and not so great a second later!Lake Gogebic Area trails are reporting to be thin, flat and in fair to good condition.    Use caution as a trail could be excellent in one spot and challenging in the next instant.    According to our groomers, one good plowable snowfall is going to push our trails from good to EXCELLENT conditions.

Groomers, business owners and staff and working really hard to get through these time and we certainly appreciate all the support we receive from our visitors and guests!   Lake Gogebic is the best place to stay and ride and we are all hoping to be able to open our doors and welcome you back!    Keep dancing for snow – and we will see you soon!

Mary Beth – AJ’s Walleye Lodge






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