Atlanta – Great Lakes Dual Sporters Trail Report

  • Trail Condition: Closed
  • Last Groomed: March 26th, 2023
  • Reported On: April 01st, 2023 @ 8:23am

Groomer Report


Date: Trails Groomed – Conditions

4/1/23 – Snow is mostly gone. Gates on private sections will be locked today. Our thanks to the landowners who’ve allowed us the privilege to have our trails on their property for this season.

3/26/23 – Trails from town north and east were groomed today and passed a few riders while in the process. Temps hit much warmer than forecast and things are melting fast.

3/25/23 – Warm up has taken out the trails, but a fresh foot of snow on 3/25 has given a brief shot at end of season riding. We will be evaluating the possibility for one final groom in the next couple of days. Enjoy while you can!

2/26/23: (full) – conditions: 12″ snow, good. Warm up over the weekend is tough but we are holding up, more snow coming Monday.

2/24/23: (full) – conditions: 12″ snow, fair to good. Rain and warm temps earlier in the week left some waterholes a bit wet, use caution as some spots are not froze well or have rough patches from machines popping through ’em.

2/18/23: (full) – conditions: 8″ snow, fair to good, watch for ice under the snow. Warm up over the weekend isn’t what we’d hope for, trails will surely take a hit. Forecast has substantial snow and below freezing temps coming this week, may get some “winter” here yet!

2/11/23: (full) – conditions: 6″ snow, fair to good, but weekend temps in the 40s and more rain and above freezing forecast for the week not promising. Snow from Thursday’s storm has been pulled in and packed. Sno Drift rally this weekend, town is packed and the woods are busy, be careful out there!

2/4/23: (partial) – conditions: 8″ snow, fair to good, all trails north of town groomed. Forecast not looking good for the week with warm temps and rain.

1/29/23: (full) – conditions: 9″ snow, all trails groomed and in decent condition, need more snow. Watch for elk on the trail.

1/26/23: (partial) – conditions: 8″ snow. All Trails north of town groomed. Need more snow, but trails are decent if traffic volume stays reasonable.

1/21/23: (partial) – conditions: 6″ snow, All Trails groomed over last 2 days. We’re establishing a thin base, trails good shape but won’t handle much traffic due to low snow depth

1/20/23: (partial) – conditions: 6″ snow, we’re establishing a thin base, trails good shape but won’t handle much traffic due to low snow depth.

1/9/23: (no groom) – No Snow (less than 1″ on the ground).

12/30/22: (no groom) – warm up has eliminated most snow from the area.

12/28/22 (all trails) – conditions: warming up, trails in good shape

12/23/22 (all trails) – conditions: 18″ snow, trails in early season but good shape

12/22/22 (partial) – conditions: 8″ snow, trails in early season condition

12/17/22 (partial) – conditions: 4″ snow, pre-season conditions

12/6/22 (partial) – conditions: 4″ snow, pre-season conditions

Trails covered:

Atlanta area trails: 4/9 from where Trail 4 and 9 meet by Avery Hills Road, north through the village of Atlanta; Trail 4/9 to the parking lot at the Atlanta DNR Field Office on M33; 4/9 north from the parking lot spur to where 4 and 9 split by Stevens Spring Road; 9 north to 492, 492 to the Elbo Inn and Trading Post gas station on M33; 4 east to the Parking Lot near Hillman on Pine Oaks road; 494 and 496 as they loop on/off 4.

Our thanks for the years of hard work that Canada Creek Ranch Snowmobile Club has put in on these trails. The baton has been handed to our club, the Great Lakes Dual Sporters, and we look forward to the challenge of helping to provide a safe and enjoyable riding experience. Local business owner has helped our club tremendously, please consider patronizing: Chatters Bullpen Bar & Grill, A-Win-Sands Motel, Chatters Pitstop BP Station and north of town, The Trading Post gas station.


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