September 2018 -The other day I saw a post on Facebook that had a beautiful scene of a snowmobiler plowing through powder. Beside the photo was a countdown calendar of the days until the trails legally open in Michigan. It was amazing to me to see the different responses to that post. Of course there were many that were quite intent on having a longer summer of relaxation under the hot sun; while others are clearly longing for winter to come. It reminded me again that our sport is so diverse — with people from all walks of life.

If you have been anticipating getting this first issue of Michigan Snowmobile News in the mail, you might be one of those who have been counting the days! As I get older, it seems as if time is moving much faster than ever before. I’m trying my best to be more deliberate in enjoying each season to the fullest.

Planning the Season Ahead

Your MSA officers along with the Executive committee and Board of Directors have been meeting faithfully throughout the summer months, planning for the season ahead. There are always many issues that require discussion and consideration during the spring, summer, and fall seasons. I want to thank all of you who so faithfully stay involved and attend our scheduled meetings. We could not maintain our organization if it wasn’t for your generosity of time and talent.

One of our biggest challenges continues to be trail access for riding. The rerouting of trails due to storm damage, bridge infrastructure repairs, and closures from trespassing complaints always adds to an already heavy work load for our volunteers. I would ask you if you’re not involved in a local club or council, please consider joining. I know everyone who helps in our efforts is and will be greatly appreciated.

Your MSA officers and financial committee recently adopted a balanced and conservative budget. MSA simply relies on your faithful membership and contributions for our very existence and survival. It is sometimes daunting to think what our snowmobiling access would be like if the Michigan Snowmobile Association (MSA) did not exist. We are on the road to recovery. With perseverance and determination we will once again able to concentrate more fully on the other issues that we face.

MSA is looking forward to hosting the 51st Annual International Snowmobile Congress in Grand Rapids on June 5-8, 2019. Please plan on attending this incredible event if you can. Our friends from other associations who are scattered across our nation as well as other countries will be joining us as we celebrate hosting next year’s congress. It will be a great opportunity to meet other people who share our same interests. You can also visit the many vendors and groomer manufacturers who faithfully support us. Look for details in this publication and MSA social media for registration information.

Plan Now to Attend

If it’s been awhile since you have checked out our new website, take a look when you get a chance. Visit us at We have some exciting new merchandise in our store, and many other links to keep you updated with what’s going on. We have a busy calendar of events planned, so stay tuned so that you won’t be left out of anything.

I hope that you will also plan to attend our 2018 MSA Annual Meeting on Oct. 20 in Gaylord. This year’s event will be held at Jay’s Sporting Goods, and will be a chance for you to meet your new MSA officers and be able to congratulate deserving award winners who exemplify snowmobiling’s best of the best.

Safety First, Safety Always!

Finally, before the snow even begins to fly, I wanted to remind everyone of two important things to share with your family and friends. Make sure to do this before heading out on the trails this winter.

#1– Stay on the designated trails at all times.

#2 — Don’t drink and ride snowmobiles.

Just think for a moment, if we could accomplish just those two simple things this upcoming season, we would have more trails to ride on and more people out riding on them by the end of the 2018-19 season.


As we all begin to put our summer toys away for another season, and plan for our next outdoor adventure, I trust that you will find peace and happiness in whatever season that life finds you in. I want to thank you for your continued support and friendship of MSA. Please remember that because of your generous support — you are helping to make a difference!