Really when you look at the start of a new season you have to go back to March (Sneak Peak Preview 2015 Sleds). Polaris, Ski-Doo, and Yamaha showed their new line of new products and accessories. Shows in Grand Rapids and Birch Run were well attended. Show attendance was up 25 percent from the year before.

Where was Arctic Cat? This was the most asked question at both shows. If any of you snowmobilers have any influence with Arctic Cat, ask the question and strongly encourage them to be there this coming year. Many Arctic Cat loyalists were very disappointed.

Dealers tell me preseason sales are the best they’ve ever had in some time. Dealers are very optimistic about the upcoming season.

What MSA Has Done and Will Continue to Do

MSA will continue to work with our Michigan Legislators in Lansing and our U.S. Congress in Washington, D.C. –protecting and preserving your privilege to

ride, representing and promoting your rights, promoting safety and responsibility, maintaining and enhancing trails, and keeping you informed on all issues pertaining to snowmobiling.

MSA supports and is a member of the American Council of Snowmobile Associations (ACSA). ACSA is our national group, and works hard to keep us informed on national issues affecting us

MSA needs your financial support. As good as last season was, there were several events that took their toll on our pocket book. Our four Legislative Rides had larger costs because of the increased number of participating legislators and Department of Natural Resources (DNR) directors. Increased participation at these events is a, a good thing, and MSA needs to continue these events. Legislative support is critical for growth and even survival of our sport. We are blessed to be in Michigan, where every year we have this commodity called snow. Let’s take advantage of it!

In all our publications you will find an application for membership. If you’re not a MSA member, please join. If you are a member, give an application to another who is not.

And finally, if can donate, please do. Michigan, snowmobilers and MSA needs your help