December 2015

It seems like yesterday; I was looking forward to starting my presidency of the Michigan Snowmobile Association (MSA). My how time flies. Little did I know what was in store for me or our organization?

I know snowmobiling and can run a company for profit, but knowing how a non-profit volunteer organization operates was something new for me. I’ve learned a lot from each and every one of you, but still have more to learn — learning never ends.

Not Forgetting

Last year we replaced two of our officers; one died due to a heart attack the other resigned do to a health issue. Snowmobiling lost a great advocate, or should I say a zealot for our sport, in Al Green  (Al died a year ago.) Al served as MSA’s secretary for four years and was serving as our vice president at the time of his passing.

Maryann Noah was starting her second term in office when she was diagnosed with a brain tumor, turned out to be non-cancerous, but limited her ability to continue as MSA secretary. Maryann is on her way to recovery. We all wish Maryann well and thank her for dedicated service.

Debt Reduction

We did work hard to reduce MSA’s debt with the help of donations from members, clubs, and councils. MSA officers also paid their own way (gas, hotel, and other MSA- related events). Our office cut MSA expenses to the bone. Our advocate in Lansing, Noel LaPorte, forgave his pay to help.

This year, I’m happy to report, MSA did not have to borrow money. We’re not out of the woods yet. We must continue to stick to a lean budget, work to increase our membership, work on fundraising and events that bring in money to our organization, look for sponsors for various events, and continue to graciously accept donations to support this great sport. Thank you all for your financial support.

Thank you Volunteers

MSA is blessed to have outstanding volunteers —  from our grass roots clubs to our grooming sponsors to our delegates, educative board, and officers. You are the reason snowmobiling is the second most popular sport in Michigan; second only to golf. (In the winter it is the most popular sport!)

Our office Staff

I want take this time to thank Bill Manson and Karen Middendrop for their support and guidance during my tenure in office. They have guided me through many both good and bad situations. For the most part, Bill and Karen are the voices and faces of MSA. THANK YOU!


First, a thank you to a couple of gentleman who stepped up to fill vacant positions, Rick Brown (interim vice president) and Dan Moore (interim secretary), both came with years of experience with recreational snowmobiling. I’d also like to recognize officers I have served with: past presidents, Bruce Wood and Jim Dickie; Secretary Maryann Noah; Treasurer John Houk; and remembering Al Green (secretary and vice president). All of these people have sported and guided me during my terms in office — THANK YOU!

Your new officers for next year are President Rick Brown, Vice President Jeff Goss, Secretary Dan Moore, Treasurer John Houk, and I will be First Past President. MSA is in great hands.

Challenges Moving Forward

Many challenges of the past are still front and center — anti-motorized vehicle groups, the so called green people, and many others I’m sure you can name.

One of the reasons our U.S. of America is the greatest nation in the world is because we put the world in motion though motorized vehicles.

Never give up the right to ride.

Ride safe this season, Ron Corbett