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Michigan Snowmobile Trail Permit


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Please note that in Michigan, it is mandatory to affix your snowmobile permit to your vehicle at all times. Riding with just a receipt is not legal and can lead to ticketing. To avoid any legal issues, you can purchase your Trail Permit today from MISORVA, an authorized dealer of snowmobile Trail Permits for the Michigan DNR. By purchasing the 2023-2024 Snowmobile Trail Permits, you will be supporting MISORVA. Your Trail Permit order will be fulfilled and mailed to your home every day, arriving in a blue envelope. Thank you for your support!

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PLEASE BE ADVISED…IN MICHIGAN, YOU MUST HAVE YOUR PERMIT AFFIXED TO YOUR SNOWMOBILE AT ALL TIMES!  YOU ARE NOT LEGAL TO RIDE WITH A RECEIPT; YOU CAN BE TICKETED! Buy your permits from MISORVA! Thank you for supporting  MISORVA!  2023-2024Trail Permits. Trail Permit orders are filled every day and mailed back to your home. They will arrive in a blue envelope! All orders are processed daily, however, please allow up to 21 days for U.S.P.S. to deliver your order. Should you need permits before that time, please purchase them upon arrival in the state. Check here for locations https://www.michigan.gov/dnr/0,4570,7-350-79134_97893—,00.html


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