Trauma Kits

Keep the smaller, lightweight Compact kit in the office, in work trucks,
or take it with you on the go. Each kit includes supplies to manage
severe bleeding, airway complications, hypothermia, and more.
The supplies in each kit pair with the Mobilize Rescue app (which includes
a multi-user license). Any user with the Mobilize Rescue app installed
on their smartphone can help provide care in an emergency by simply
following the interactive, real-time treatment instructions provided.

Real-time Instructions at Your Fingertips
Each Mobilize trauma kit includes access to the
Mobilize Rescue app. The app provides real-time,
interactive instructions on how to assess, monitor,
and manage care and provide treatment using
the medical supplies in the kit.
The easy-to-follow diagnostic prompts enable anyone,
trained or untrained, to help in an emergency. The
Mobilize Rescue app uses interactive prompts, simple
written instructions, and visual cues. It also offers
additional descriptions of symptoms to help determine
what is wrong and describe the steps for appropriate
care. This innovative app will give you the confidence
to assess, manage, and treat a multitude of medical
issues, even if you have no emergency training.

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