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Protecting and Preserving Your Privilege to Ride
Representing Your Rights
Promoting Your Rights
Keeping You Informed
Promoting Safe and Responsible Use
Maintaining and Enhancing Trails
Sponsoring Fun-Filled Family Activities

  • MISORVA is a non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to the success of MOTORIZED RECREATION in Michigan. MISORVA facilitates the over $10 million dollar snowmobile program, that is funded 100 percent by you – the snowmobiler.
  • By joining MISORVA, you have greater legislative power. MISORVA is your voice in Lansing and Washington D.C. — monitoring regulations and proposed legislation that will affect motorized recreation. Make no mistake, without MISORVA’s involvement, continued monitoring and influence, we wouldn’t have a trail system!
  • To further your voice in Lansing, MISORVA has a full-time legislative consultant and a full-time office staff, all working on snowmobile and ORV -related issues — locally, statewide and in Washington, D.C.
    MISORVA has a presence on the Snowmobile Advisory Workgroup (SAW) and ORV Workgroup Association ( ORVWA), a state board that makes recommendations on our trail program.
  • MISORVA continues to promote a positive image, proving that snowmobilers and ORVers are dedicated to charity work and are strong environmentalists. Annually, MISORVA volunteers raise over $600,000 for charity, foster partnerships with other land user groups and participate in environmental cleanups and tree plantings.
    Michigan offers the finest recreational trail system in the country. MISORVA is directly involved in maintaining, preserving and enhancing the trail systems.
  • MISORVA is dedicated to the youth by helping facilitate safety classes, promoting Zero Tolerance and awarding annual college scholarships.
  • By joining MISORVA, you will also receive six issues of the Michigan Snowmobile and ORV News, designed to keep you informed and provide you with tips, trip destination information and coverage of sponsored events.
    It isn’t all work! MISORVA sponsors opportunities to meet others with the same recreational interests. Through MISORVA’s annual Ride In, Convention, Camp Out and Trail Stops; members meet new people and make friendships that last a lifetime.
  • Our recreation is under constant attack. It is only through unity and the proven strength that an organization like MISORVA has that snowmobiling will continue and grow. We must protect and preserve our chosen recreation.