Legislative Ride 2021

Each year we facilitate a snowmobile ride with our legislators in an attempt to help them understand not only why we love winter but also to observe the economic impact first hand what motorized recreation has on the economy!  We owe a huge Thank you to Lakeside Motorsports-  Nelsons Speed Shop- Indian River Sports- Polaris Industries- Leaders Marine- Peacock LTD and 231 Adventure.  Numersous volunteers and Cadillac Winter Promotions!   Without all of your help we would not have been able to hold the event!  
The day started out clear and cold and light snow was in the forecast! The ride assembled at the Boon Groomer barn home of Cadillac Winter Promotions! As legislators arrived so did the trailers with all the sleds. So many sleds! Many dealers around the state donate the use of the rental sleds or used sleds from their inventory to MISORVA for our legislators to ride for the day. MISORVA’s volunteers gather these sleds. This year because of COVID things were a little different, we put four smaller groups of legislators together, we had four different lunch locations, went back to basics and had hot dog and chili lunch! Four different routes, four different leaders, and lots of volunteers.

This is your membership dues at work!  This is another example of why MEMBERSHIP IS IMPORTANT! this is one of the most important things we accomplish every year. The average snowmobiler spend between 150.00 and 250.00 per day when they ride snowmobiles. We need every legislator to understand!  Every motorized recreation enthusiast stays in hotels and motels, we buy gas, we eat meals in restaurants we support Michigan economy!  With this event in the books we begin planning the dirt ride! 

When we can educate the legislature on what the Michigan  constituents want it propels the movement forward.  All motorized recreation is self funded, but we still need to be able to spend the funding the way the users see fit!  MISORVA is your voice of the motorized recreation community. We work hard to be sure that the DNR and our legislators work together and provide continuity of what the user groups want. We are already planning a Legislative Dirt Ride for this spring, cancelled last year due to COVID.