I would like to wish MSA Secretary Maryann Noah a speedy recovery.  Marryann recently underwent major surgery and is currently recovering from that procedure. I have talked to her daughter, Lisa, who told me she is doing well, but the road to recover will be long. I want to make sure we all keep Maryann in our thoughts and prayers.

Maryann did resign her position as secretary of MSA. The MSA Board of Directors has not accepted that resignation, but will be considering it at their meeting later this month. As an organization, we must move forward to fill the secretary position until our General Membership meeting elections are held in October. Karyn Hautamaki was asked to fill the secretary’s position at our March Board of Director’s meeting. At that meeting the BOD will appoint an interim secretary. While MSA works on this, I would also ask that every MSA member keep Maryann in their thoughts and prayers.

Honoring a Friend to Snowmobiling

The Al Green Memorial Snowmobile ride was held in mid-February. The e event was held in remembrance of MSA’s vice president Al Green who passed away in November 2014.  Al was a long-time snowmobiler, groomer operator, and MSA champion.  Around 150 people took part in the event, which was held in Cadillac.  Honoring his love for grooming Michigan snowmobile trails, groomer operators from all over the state took part in the event.  It was a great day with a great turn out in respect for Al. There were some heartfelt moments, with Al’s wife Jen and his two daughters taking part in the ride. It was very fulfilling to see Al’s family and friends ride down the same trails that Al groomed for years. It was a perfect day for snowmobiling, with temperatures in the mid- to high- teens. It was an emotional day honoring Al and the sport he loved.

Leading MSA’s Standing Committees

At MSA’s last Executive Committee meeting chairpersons were assigned to lead MSA’s standing committees. Those committees include Legislative, Publication, Membership, Public Relations, and Recreation,  Trails & Saw. Jim Duke will chair the Legislative Committee. Gail Scott will lead the Publication Committee. Jeff Goss will chair the Membership Committee. Ron Vander Vleit  will be the lead the Public Relations Committee and Lizz Holswrath will chair the Recreation Committee, Dave Cuzzort will chair the Trails & Saw Committee. I would like to thank MSA Vice President Rick Brown for working to get those volunteer standing committee leaders in place.  Each standing committee consists of three or four volunteers.  These leaders will coordinate the thinking and ideas involved in each specific area. They will report to the BOD on their work and request a vote on any necessary changes.  The work these dedicated volunteers do for MSA can’t be measured. We are always looking for more volunteers and future MSA leaders.

MSA Executive Director Bill Manson and I have been doing television interviews to promote safe responsible snowmobiling in Michigan and importance of MSA to snowmobiling. While discussing snowmobiling in this state, a big point I usually make is that snowmobiling is the second most popular sport in Michigan. Golf is number one. Our season is only three and half months long, and the golf season is as long as the sun is shining. If you stop to think of that fact, it’s amazing that snowmobiling tops other sports like hunting and fishing.