About Us

  • With your MISORVA membership, we will gain greater legislative power in Michigan and Washington, D.C. to protect, maintain and
    improve all of our trail systems.
  • MISORVA is a non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to the success of snowmobiling and ORVing in Michigan.
  • MISORVA is dedicated to all ages and riding styles by helping to facilitate safety classes, and by promoting responsible and safe riding
    by endorsing the Zero Tolerance Policy that prohibits alcohol use while operating a snowmobile or ORV!
  • MISORVA members strive to ride in harmony with the environment and wildlife, and to respect the rights of private landowners by
    staying in designated approved snowmobile and ORV areas at all times.
  • Michigan currently has over 6,500 miles of marked groomed snowmobile trails and over 30,000 additional miles of undeveloped
    trails in state and federal forests where snowmobiling is permitted. Over 2,500 miles of quality snowmobile trails have been added to our state trail system in the last 20 years.
  • Thousands of miles of state forest roads are now open to ORV use. Off-road vehicle enthusiasts can ride more than 5,582 miles of state
    forest roads in the Upper Peninsula and 6,339 miles of state forest roads in the Northern Lower Peninsula. Along with many miles of
    road shoulders opened in select counties.
  • MISORVA employs a full time legislative consultant supported by a dedicated office staff to work with local, state and federal agencies to
    protect, promote and improve snowmobile recreation areas.
  • By joining MISORVA, you will also receive six issues of the Michigan Snowmobile And ORV News keeping you informed of special events,
    trail updates, snowmobile/ORV tips, travel destinations, legislative news and much more!


Mission Statement of the Michigan Snowmobile and ORV Association uniting Snowmobilers & ORVers of all ages and styles to responsibly protect and preserve our privilege to ride.

Our Pledge to Our Members:
To develop a common appreciation, understanding, and
knowledge of the sport of snowmobiling and ORV’s in the
State of Michigan. To facilitate the distribution and exchange
of information regarding the sport of snowmobiling, and
ORV’s including without imitation, matters pertaining to
snowmobiling and ORV safety and general education and
knowledge about the sport. To act as a resource and
distribution point for information and knowledge which
furthers the safety of snowmobiling and ORVing and for the
safety of the public in general.

Our Pledge to Our Sport:
To lend support to any and all non-profit snowmobile and ORV
organizations within the State of Michigan when it is
requested as long as it is in the best interest of the Association
to do and as long as this support does not violate any of the
restrictions of the Articles of Incorporation or the Bylaws of the
Association. To serve the interests of all snowmobile and ORV
owners within the purview of the purposes of the
incorporation as stated in the Articles of Incorporation.

Our Pledge to the Citizens Of Michigan:
The Michigan Snowmobile and ORV Association has adopted a
zero tolerance policy with regard to the consumption of any
alcohol by individuals while operating a snowmobile or ORV.
Our Association is proud to represent those responsible riders
who respect Michigan’s environment, appreciate the rights of
other riders, and interact courteously with motorists and
private citizens.