Registrations for snowmobiles were up a little from the previous season, to more than 208,000 registered sleds. Many older sleds were uncovered and taken out of storage.

Trail permit sales were up a little compared to last year — 7.5 percent.

Michigan ended up with 15 snowmobile-related fatalities. This is down from the year before, but even one fatality is too many. Also note, nine of those fatalities were not on our trail system.

Nationally, the average snowmobiler rode 30 percent more miles this past season compared to the season before. In Michigan our percentage is a bit higher

Last season MSA staff, officers and MSA volunteers along with state legislative staff organized four very successful Legislative Rides. Certainly, the best we’ve ever had.

MSA volunteers also participated in charity fund raisers, events such as helping at the Soo I-500, dealer shows, the Novi Show, local club meetings, council meetings, the Clean Snowmobile Challenge, safety education, scholarship fund raisers, and many others.

MSA Director Bill Manson did and will continue doing his fine job In Lansing and with all other positions he holds related to snowmobiling.

Karen Middendrop will continue to come up with new and creative ideas, such as her latest: Michigan Snowmobile Association Makin Fresh Tracks. Look to future editions of the Michigan Snowmobile News for more information.