As I talk to many Clubs and/or Grant Sponsors around our State the same conversation can be heard.

“All of our volunteers are dwindling away because they are getting older”

We all get older every day. Why do we not have younger enthusiasts stepping forward to help? There are always many reasons why we are not attracting younger people!  Are we not making events attractive or should I say fun enough to get the younger families to participate? Are we not communicating events to the general membership or are we just informing the same few who always show up because it is easy?

Yes, there are many times when work needs to be accomplished during the middle of the week, but trail work in the fall of the year can be enjoyable to be out on the trail doing the brushing and signing with other members on a Saturday. Many hands can make for completing quick work.

Another comment heard is the “Our membership keeps dwindling”. “How do I get this issue turned around”? Its called community involvement! Attend your local Chamber of Commerce Meetings and learn what issues your local business owners and administrators have with regard to the economy. Every last one of them will tell you they need to get more people to use their services to create revenue. If, you show some interest they will return the interest. Again, attend the meetings, start a local High School Scholarship Program, provide a Snowmobile and/or ORV Safety Class, donate funds to various community programs during the holidays. Do something for your community!

Why do this? I’m already too busy! Good things don’t just happen. They have to be worked on over a number of years, but eventually your community realizes that working together can bring more revenue to them and also more general and commercial members. Get committees formed and hold them accountable for results.

Ask for a volunteer too be responsible for doing your Trail Report on MISORVA Web Site at least every three days or whenever conditions change. Get ahold of our Office to set you up if you have not already done so. They will be thrilled to help you. Please do not exaggerate conditions. If trails are great say so, if not, say so. If, conditions have not changed. Just change the date on last report to current date. When I was doing my home club trail report I had my phone number in the groomers so that the operators could call with current conditions.

The more you promote the more you will get back! It works if you are patient and do something!

Best Regards,

Jim Kelts